Professional Experience

Enrique has been working, since December 2021, as Manager of the Asset Management area, leading a multidisciplinary team for the management of real estate rental assets of more than 600,000 m2 between offices, commercial premises and industrial facilities, advising and coordinating strategies with clients. for the search, negotiation and closing of new businesses.

In this role, he also participates in the administration committees, representing the clients, working together with the administration of the buildings to evaluate and implement innovation projects, seeking to revalue the property over time.

He joined CBRE as Head of Operations in 2015, his management in different facilities managed by CBRE led him to be promoted to the Real Estate Manager position in 2017, where he was in charge of different building portfolios, coordinating the operation and promoting strategies. business for their benefit.

He has more than 15 years of experience working in areas related to Real Estate, such as construction, property management and commercialization of spaces.

He stands out in the operational management, maintenance, revaluation and commercialization of real estate assets, as well as strategic planning, leadership, construction of work teams and agent of change.

Enrique is an architect with a major in building from the University of Seville, Spain, and also has a Master's Degree in Innovation and Technology from the same university.