Technical services, maintenance and control.

Hard Services

Specialized and experienced teams to attend to the different technical needs of each client, location and installation.



The Hard Services team offers all types of maintenance and technical inspection of the property. His services apply both to facilities where he operates as a site administrator, as well as in particular requests, in projects for which a Technical Due Diligence is needed, or any other related requirement.



  • Preventive Maintenance:
  • Electrical panels
    Consumption Centers (Luminaires & Plugs)
  •              Maintenance Management of Substations, Transformers and Generators

  • Comprehensive Installation Assessment:
  • Thermographic Analysis
    Power Quality Analysis
    Lighting Quality Analysis
    Grounding System Evaluation
    Phase Equilibrium Analysis
    Regulatory Compliance Assessment
    Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Opportunities
  • Equipment Remodeling and Replacement Projects
  • Online monitoring of consumption and Energy KPI

Air Conditioning and Air Quality

  • Preventive Maintenance:
  • Direct and Indirect Expansion
  •             Air Conditioning Equipment
                Air Injection and Extraction Fans
                Heating and Sanitary Boilers

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of the Installation:
  • Equipment Remodeling and Replacement Projects
  • Online monitoring of critical air quality variables.
    (Temperature / Humidity / CO2 concentration)

Minor Maintenance

  • Furniture
  • Furniture repair
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Unclogging and rodding of drains
    Chemical sewage treatment
    Replacement of components and faucets
    Maintenance of drive systems
    Detection of problems and improvement projects
  • Terminations
  • Paint
    Hard floor and carpet installation
    Installation of hard and modular ceilings
  • Remodeling Projects
  • Implementation of Covid Measures

Server Room and Critical Spaces

  • Maintenance management of critical equipment (UPS / Precision Air Equipment)
  • Operation and parameter control
  • Online monitoring of critical variables and passive guard